Patient Education Made (Ridiculously) Simple!

Connect with potential customers at THE
moment they are making eyecare-related decisions.

Ocuport is educational, entertaining, and clinical. Ocuport is a web-based service for ECPs, and the patients they serve.

Ocuportís rich media is delivered across a variety of platforms and spans all stages of the patient's office visit.

ECPs websites, waiting rooms, exam rooms, opticals, contact lens training stations, educational portals, consultation rooms, the patientís Inbox, and more!

Our No. 1 Service: Ocuport TV

Entertaining and educational HD video and animated content for waiting rooms, exam rooms, opticals, contact lens training stations, consultation rooms, practice websites, and more.

Ocuport TV is viewed by consumers (just before and) at the moment they are making eye care related decisions and purchases.

Ocuport TV content is also integrated into the Ocuport Patient website, and the Doctor-to-Patient email system (delivering high quality video content to the patient's inbox).

In addition to our high quality video and animated content, Ocuport offers ECPs so much more. To really understand what Ocuport offers, we recommend that you quickly view our Features page.

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