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"Ocuport is the ultimate high-tech makeover for your office!"

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Ocuport TV { Basic & Premium }
Full-screen educational and entertaining video (and animated) content for your entire office!

Waiting rooms, receptions, optical, exam rooms, contact lens training stations, educational stations, consultation rooms, etc.

Select from a variety of topic categories (i.e. Primary Eye Care, Optical, Contact Lens, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Surgical).
Content can also be added to your office website...don't have a website? We'll give you one for free! See below.

*Ocuport TV content is available in both high-definition (HD) and standard definition (SD).

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News & Weather TV { Basic & Premium }
Don't want our awesome HD video playing at full-screen? That's okay, we've got an option for you, too!
Our News & Weather option features current weather for your location! Additionally, our eyecare &/or optical news feed will cycle engaging content on the bottom of the screen while our famous video content plays in a smaller picture-in-picture format in the top corner of the screen.

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Doctor-to-Patient Email System { Basic & Premium }
Send educational content home to your patient's Inbox: videos, animations, patient handouts, photos, surveys, appointment reminders, coupons, and more!

Quick, easy, efficient. Patients love it!

User's Favorite: Contact Lens Application and Removal video.

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Educational Handouts { Basic & Premium }
Print instantly, or send home to your patients via email.
Hundreds of conditions and topics covered in several categories!

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Digital Visual Acuity System { Premium }
The world's first cloud-based digital acuity system is also the most feature-packed system in the world! Powered by Sharp VA Digital Acuity, this comprehensive system is incredibly fast, efficient, crystal clear, and research validated!

Take a look at some of the great features, here.

100% up-time guarantee.

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Optical Photo System { Premium }
Boost optical sales & increase your capture rate! Works on any computer with a web-cam.

  • Allow high-prescription patients to confidently select new frames.
  • Allow patients to view their side profile and instantly compare multiple frames.
  • Touch-Screen compatible.
  • Maximize optical sales & increase your capture rate!
  • Instantly give your optical a high-tech look & feel.

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    Vision Reminder Email System { Premium }
    Automatic email reminders for everything vision related:
  • Use for email-based auto-patient recall.
  • Setup automatic recurring email notifications for your patients to change their contact lenses...on time!

    No more excuses for contact lens overwear! This system promotes better ocular health, and has a proven track record for higher recall capture rates. Setup automatic reminder emails with any time interval.

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    Other Clinical Tests & Tools { Premium }
    Color Vision Testing, Macular Function & Integrity Tests, Astigmatic Tests, Low Vision Tests & Charts, Glaucoma Risk Calculator, IOP/CCT Nomogram, Drug Facts, Visual Field Defects guide, Vertical Deviation Determination tool, Contact Lens Calculators, Vernier/Hyper Acuity measurement, Aniseikonia determination tool.

    Take an in-depth look at some of the great features, here.

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    Ocuport Internet Radio { Premium } - coming soon
    Educational and entertaining audio content for your office. Select from content that is intended to boost optical sales, or content that is more informative and better suited for the exam room.

    Available in English and Spanish.

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    Ocu-code { Premium }
    E/M office visit coding made (insanely) easy!

    Summarize the details of your exam in just 3 clicks, and we'll tell you what code to use!

    Simple. Profitable. Easy.

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    Vision Therapy & Amblyopia Treatment { Premium }
  • Amblyopia therapy features 8 key activities that introduce a visual stimulus to the user--which can be varied in size and/or contrast--to best treat the magnitude of their amblyopia. Each activity is presented in an engaging and interactive video game-style format.

  • VT tasks include vergences (random dot stereograms, and 3D fusion), accommodative training, saccadic and pursuit targets, directionality, visual memory, and more.

  • Includes suppression checks, and a vergence demand calculator.

    Web-based therapy can also be accessed by your patients via our Patient website (patient cost: $1/day).

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    Continuing Education { Premium } - coming soon
    COPE approved continuing education courses delivered via video, audio, and text.

    Knock out some CE in the comfort of your home, office, or even pool-side! All at no additional cost.

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    myWebsite { Premium }
    This new feature will allow you to add Ocuport media to your practice website.

    Don't have a website? We've got you covered (for free)! Select from several professionally designed and coded website designs!

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    My Media & Press Kit { Premium }
    This new feature contains dozens of files that Ocuport doctors are free to use in their offices.

  • Office artwork & Eye-related Posters.
  • On-hold phone messages in English or Spanish (promotional, educational, and seasonal options).
  • Recall cards, Stationary, Flyers, & Certificates.
  • Ready-to-go presentations created to educate patients and drum-up new business!
  • More!

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    Ocuport Social { Premium }
    Instantly add Social Media to your Practice and/or Optical.

    This new feature makes Social Media a breeze!

    Our Cut & Paste Social Media Postings allow you to easily maintain a strong online presence with minimal time and effort.

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