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About Us: the Ocuport Patient website

Ocuport's new patient website launched in 2011 to provide patients with a bias-free source of information on ocular health, vision correction, eye care products, related news, and more.

Instantly after the Ocuport Patient website launched, thousands of eye doctors, surgeons, and opticians began actively sending their patients and consumers to us for high-quality education and bias-free information. The Ocuport Patient website is integrated with several tools that eye care providers use on a daily basis in their exam rooms, waiting rooms, opticals, on their websites, in printed literature, and more. Ocuport is growing at a phenomenal rate thanks to the doctors who recommend our site, and the patients that are responsible for making our content go viral!

How does the Ocuport Patient website make money and survive?
In order to provide high-quality and bias-free educational content, Ocuport offers several advertising and sponsorship opportunities to eye care (and medical) related businesses. Because we advertise for so many different products and services (many of which are in competition with one another), our content is impartial and free from industry biases.

Is Ocuport content current?
Yes, the Ocuport Patient website is updated daily! Our team stays up-to-date on breaking medical and eye care specific news. Additionally, our team members regularly attend continuing education courses, and international medical, optical, and eye care conferences. We lead discussions with our nationís premiere eye doctors, surgeons, opticians, and other industry leaders. In doing so, we gather current information that is relevant to the consumers of eye care products and services: patients.

While we are fairly confident that all information on our website is accurate, it is important that you make decisions about your eyes and vision with your eye care provider (our website should never replace a visit to your eye doctor). All of our content is created and reviewed by a team of eye doctors. Our team was put together with one goal in mind: present all relevant facts, and allow the reader to make their own decisions. Our purpose is to support all eye care providers and the patients they serve.

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